These collages came about as result of the self isolation/social distancing due to Covid 19. I was looking for something different and I got absolutely addicted to them ...the cutting, combining....pure fun.! They are all framed, white matting, white frame... they look wonderful framed and it's nice to be able to offer something smaller.

"too much fun" SOLD
"the colour of dreams in Antartica" SOLD
"the time of your life" SOLD
"gallery wall"
"dreams of tea and thee" SOLD
"modern family" 275.00
"the kiss" 275.00
"sing a new song, dance a new dance" SOLD
"Reach Out and Touch Someone" ,275.00 framed
Stop Worrying SOLD
Stop Worrying SOLD
"a soft place to fall" SOLD
Penquin Tea Party, SOLD
Penquin Tea Party, SOLD
"when pigs can fly" SOLD