Artist Cynthia Gatien


I am a self-taught artist. I’ve learned by quite simply putting in the hours, setting goals for myself, reaching them, and then setting new ones. My background is in photography, which I learned while living in Atlanta, and in decorative painting, which I learned while living in Montreal. Both of these experiences have helped me approach painting in a unique way.

I feel fortunate that at this stage of my life (mid-seventies), I look forward to being in the studio every day, totally engaged in my work

Artist Statement

Each painting presents its own unique challenges. It’s this aspect, call it problem-solving if you will, that I’ve come to appreciate over the years. I start with an idea and then let it slowly emerge, finding its voice. What used to frustrate me, I now recognize as an integral and necessary part of the process.

My goal is to make art that pleases, lights up a room, makes people happy, and, equally important, that they can afford. I think people often underestimate the importance of having art in their environment. If I can, I’d like to change that.