I  live and paint from my studio in South Lancaster….a historic hamlet on the shores of the St. Lawrence River in Eastern Ontario. During the 1980’s I lived in Atlanta, Georgia where I attended Photography School for 3 years. A move to Montreal saw me continue my artistic interests, when I embarked on a career as a decorative painter. After many years, I decided to try painting on canvas….it was a perfect fit.

Happily married for a long time , 3 grown children….I am  able to spend my  days painting.  About 5 years ago, I decided to take my work out of galleries and focus on technique, try different genres….basically take myself to art school.  As a result , I did a series of landscapes, two series  of more whimsical paintings with animals, a figurative series in the California figurative mode  and of course, florals. It seemed that between each series I  would always return to florals. This extended period of time has proven to be one or the richest, most productive times of my life….a gift really.

So, as I enter my 8th decade, I feel like I’m emerging from a cocoon….ready to get my work out there but also  to continue my efforts to get better and better….I don’t think that artists are ever completely satisfied…the drive to grow, get better, is very powerful. I feel i have many years left….I’m a baby really….and that’s a good way to feel!

Artist Statement

I am a self taught artist. I paint for the pleasure and the sheer adventure of discovering where each painting will take me. I began my career as a decorative painter and to this day, I’m greatly influenced  by my love of colour and pattern.

This recent series of paintings has been as a result of my being intrigued by the relationship between the various ecosystems. This began when a floral I did looked like it was underwater.  It made me look more closely at coral and I loved what I saw. What started out to be more about coral, quickly evolved into a more expansive approach. I started looking at desert flora and discovered a lot of them were eerily similar to coral. From there, it was an easy step to bring in more traditional flora and edible plants.

  I like the fact that after thousands of years , I can reunite some of these obviously distant relatives and at the same time, celebrate how hard our beautiful earth works to provide us with this incredible bounty. We worry so much about the future of our planet, yet for now, it’s beauty is unsurpassable, it’s bounty is plentiful but needs to be guarded and cherished. I’m hoping my paintings are a reminder of just that.